Account Creation in Social Networks

This article outlines how to perform account creation in social networks

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Account creation in social networks is a particularly difficult use case.

In order to avoid your newly created accounts from being blocked in social networks, follow our general guidelines

  1. Always use Residential Proxies

    Residential proxies are harder to ban as they represent actual home ISPs used by real human visitors. Always use Residential proxies instead of Datacenter ones.

  2. Create 1 Social Network account per 1 Static Residential Proxy

    Initially do not create more than 1 account per 1 static residential proxies. Make sure you SAVE which IP address you have used for each Account, to continue using same proxy with the same account.

  3. Randomize Browser Profiles and User Agents

    Use tools like Multilogin, Ant Browser or Gologin to randomize your User Agents and Browser Profiles.

  4. Pre-Heat Browser Profiles

    Most social networks use "reCaptcha v3" technology which is owned by Google and tracks your visits over all sites that you visit. It is recommended to 'pre-heat' your browser profile inside Multilogin or AntBrowser before performing social network account creation by visiting various websites, browsing videos on Youtube etc.

    Verify your reCaptcha v3 response here:

    (Translate to English via Chrome, then click "Send Message" button and see your "SCORE", If your Score is Below 0.3 - this means reCapcha is certain that you are using an Automated Browser or an Empty Browser Profile.

    Only score above >0.7 should be considered when creating most social network profiles.

  5. Do not visit the same profile from multiple IPs

    Never visit same Social Network profile from multiple IP addresses, particularly in many different countries to avoid accounts from being banned.

  6. Do not use cheap account creation Bots and software

    Make sure you use Custom Software which allows to randomize Browser Profiles via Multilogin (or the likes) and User Agents.

    Cheap bots will lead to your accounts being banned as they perform account creation from the same browser profile which gets easily banned by social networks.

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